1. Never lift or remove your mask while on the playing field
  2. Your marker must be able to consistently fire bellow 240fps
  3. Semi auto only, no higher than 10bps
  4. Your marker must be clean and free of paint and other contaminants
  5. No CO2 constant air tanks can be used within our facility
  6. Transport your marker to and from your vehicle with a barrel sock
  7. Realistic/Milsim markers must be transported inside of a case or disassembled
  8. No pointing your paintball marker at others while in the staging area
  9. Any marker with a barrel must have a barrel sock when outside the playing area
  10. Absolutely no paintballs allowed inside of the facility
  11. Players must be at least 12 years of age to participate (16 for league play)
  12. No unsupervised children
  13. No dry firing in the staging area
  14. Players must wear footwear that encloses their toes
  15. No shooting unless you are in a game
  16. No shooting the referees
  17. No blind firing around bunkers
  18. No physical contact, foul language, threats, or discrimination will be tolerated
  19. Secure your valuables or leave them in the car
  20. Please cleanup any mess from your staging area before you leave
  21. Additional equipment rules may also apply

*Any players who do not follow the above policies will be asked to leave the facility (without refund)

* Repeat offenders may be permanently banned from the facility

Barrie Sports Dome
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