• All players must wear shin pads – they must be covered by socks or pants
  • No metal studded shoes allowed – plastic cleats, indoor soccer/turf shoes, or running shoes only
  • Every player must have a matching jersey with a number
  • All jewelry must be removed or taped prior to play
  • Glasses are not permitted to be worn except for sport glasses
  • Casts and/or braces must be wrapped prior to play

Regular Season Rosters:

  • A player must have fulfilled the Registration Agreement to be considered an eligible player
    • If a player participates in a match and has not fulfilled the Registration Agreement, the team will automatically forfeit the match and the player will be ineligible for the remainder of the session
  • All players must sign-in at the front desk prior to each match
    • You will be asked to provide your team name, your first and last name, and your jersey number
      • All players must have a matching jersey with the number that corresponds to the number listed beside your name on the gamesheet
        • If you do not have a jersey with a number, you will be asked to draw or tape on a number for your match
        • If you do not have your matching jersey, you will be asked to verify your identity prior to play
      • If a player does not sign-in for their game and plays at all during the match, they are considered an ineligible player and their team will automatically forfeit the match
  • Substitute players (those not listed on the manager’s roster/game sheet)┬ácan only be added to the game sheet up to having a maximum of 9 players playing in the match for your team
    • Substitute players are not eligible to be added to the game sheet past the 10 minute mark of the match
  • New players may be added to your roster up until your team’s 5th match of the session at which point your roster will be frozen for the remaining matches of the session
    • If a player on your roster is injured after the roster freeze is implemented and is unable to play for the remainder of the session, you may remove the injured player from your roster and replace them with a new player
      • In this case, you must notify Dome staff in order to make the necessary changes to the game sheet
      • Once an injured player is removed from the roster, they are not eligible to return for the remainder of the session
  • Rosters can have a maximum of 23 players listed

Playoff Rosters:

  • Players must be listed on the manager’s roster or have been approved to play by the opposing team to be eligible to play in the postseason*
  • Substitute players are not permitted to play during playoff matches

Ineligible Players:

  • If you think a player on the opposing team is ineligible, you can challenge that players eligibility by notifying a Dome staff member
    • A challenge must be requested prior to the completion of the match
    • The player in question will be asked to verify their identity
    • If the player is ineligible, that team will automatically forfeit the match if that player has played or plays at all during that match

Rescheduling a Game:

  • A reschedule can occur only if all of the following circumstances are met:
    • Reschedule request is made at least 48 hours prior to originally scheduled match time
    • An alternate time is or becomes available
    • The opposing team agrees to the alternate time
  • If the above requirements are not met, the league will move forward with the originally scheduled match time unless otherwise discussed
    • If a match is postponed and an alternate time does not become available prior to the start of playoffs, the team who made the original reschedule request will forfeit the match


  • Teams have until 10 minutes past scheduled match time to field enough players to avoid a forfeit
    • Youth (Ages 4-17) – Minimum 5 players needed to play (4+keeper)
    • Men’s & Ladies – Minimum 5 players needed to play (4+keeper)
    • Co-Ed (Adult) – Minimum 5 players needed to play (4+keeper) – at least 2 players not including the keeper must be female
      • Maximum 3 males on field (not including keeper) at one time. If you only have 2 females present, you will have to play 1 player short – the 3rd female spot cannot be substituted for another male player
      • The keeper does not count toward the male/female player ratio
  • If your team has decided to forfeit a match and the 48 hour reschedule request window has already passed, as a courtesy to the opposing team, please notify the Dome as soon as possible that your team will not be present
    • Please speak to a Dome staff member directly either in person or over the phone to notify of forfeit
  • A forfeit is -3 points in the standings

Match Cancellations:

  • Team captains will be notified of cancellations as soon as the decision is made
    • Matches will only be cancelled due to inclement weather should major highways in the area close; in this case, matches will be rescheduled to a later date

Disciplinary Actions:

  • Players who are ejected from a match are subject to suspension
  • Length of suspensions are determined at the sole discretion of Dome Management
  • Players are not permitted to play on any team within the division in which they received the suspension until their suspension is served in full

Division Placement:

  • Dome Management reserves the right to move teams up or down divisions at their discretion
    • Players are welcome to play on more than 1 team in a division if they wish

Refund Policy:

  • Refunds are available to individual registrants up until week 5 of the schedule
    • There is a $25 administration fee for all refunds which is applied as of schedules having been released and a per match fee for each week that has passed in the schedule
    • There is a $5 administration fee for all refunds requested prior to schedules having been released
    • Jerseys must be returned to the Dome front counter
  • Refunds will not be provided by the Barrie Sports Dome to players who have registered with a team
    • It is up to the team captain if they refund your portion of the team fee
    • Alternatively, you can speak with your team captain about having another player join the team and buy you out

* Only applies to adult leagues

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